SA Health – Advice for businesses and organisations – employee / contractor / volunteer tests positive for COVID-19

Safe Work Australia: Food processing and manufacturing: Minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19

COVID-19 and food safety – FSANZ website

CORONAVIRUS – information for industry – FOOD SA

Food SA Industry Guidelines – CoVID-19 and your workplace







Deep clean in response to COVID-19 exposure

COVID-19 HOTLINE – 1800 253 787


Bulletin #12 – Maintenance of dairy processing establishments

Bulletin #11 – Mandatory reporting of pathogens

Bulletin #10 – Managing use of antibiotics

Bulletin #9 – Managing listeria in dairy manufacture

Bulletin #8 – Dairy food safety & the Covid-19 Incident

Bulletin #7 – 2020 Dairysafe Workshop Series

Bulletin #6 – Milk cooling

Bulletin #5 – Dairy farm food safety arrangements

Bulletin #4 – Managing your food safety audit

Bulletin #3 – Annual Returns and Accreditation Certificates

Bulletin #2 – Cooling of Bulk Raw Milk

Bulletin #1 – Micro testing protects you and your business

Food Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for the safe manufacture of dairy products

Dairy Industry Antibiotic Management and Monitoring Policy

ANZDAC Guideline for Validation and Verification of Heat Treatment Equipment and Processes

Dairysafe Microbiological Testing Criteria

Safe Food Australia – A guide to the Food Safety Standards (November 2016)

ANZDAC Guidelines For Food Safety – Dairy Farms

National Guidelines – Pathogen Management – Guidelines for Dairy industry response to pathogen detections in dairy product and the processing environment

Hygienic design: guidelines for dairy food manufacturing premises (Dairy Food Safety Victoria)

Technical Information Note – Listeria monocytogenes – management in dairy factories (Dairy Food Safety Victoria)

Technical Information Note – High temperature-short time pasteurisation of milk (Dairy Food Safety Victoria)

Compendium of Microbiological Criteria for Food

Compendium of Microbiological Criterial for Food, September 2018

Food Safety Recalls

Managing recalls – ‘Recall Ready Reckoner’

Food Recalls – general information and support documents

Current food recalls

FSANZ Food Industry Recall Protocol

Developing a recall training program

Recall preparedness self-assessment

Food Safety Issues

Pathogen Management Flowchart

Listeria – Food Safety Issues

Ecoli – Food Safety Issues

Blending Yoghurt – Food Safety Issues

Approved Auditors

Approved Auditors and Authorised Persons Schedule


Webinar #2 – Professor Tom Ross – Early Milk Collection Index (EMCI) Presentation

Webinar #1 – Shelf-life Validation

‘Are you trade ready’ – a self-assessment tool to identify if you’re ready to commence as a dairy processor

Food recall training – This course has been developed by Safe Food Queensland with federal funding from the Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) program and is available to all dairy processors throughout Australia, free of charge

Microbiological testing in dairy manufacturing

Understanding food safety programs
The course, developed by Dairy Food Safety Victoria, Safe Food Queensland and Dairy Australia, is ideal for you and your staff as a refresher or to better understand the need for a food safety program. You should also consider using the course for the induction of new staff. This course covers:

  • What a food safety program is & why your business needs one
  • How to use a food safety program to manage food safety risks in your business
  • The 3 main elements of a food safety program
  • What to include in the Company Overview section
  • What pre-requisite programs are and how they underpin the principles of HACCP
  • The 7 principles of HACCP
  • Identifying hazards and critical control points in your business

This course is FREE for all dairy manufacturers in Australia and takes approximately 2 hours to complete (though it can be paused and resumed at any time). People can register here on the Dairy Manufacturing Resource Centre website. A certificate will be issued with a completion certificate recognised by all States and territories, and the Commonwealth Government. Note that if you have previously registered for other courses on this site then you won’t need to register again.

Dairy Australia Webinar Library – offers over 200 webinars that have been developed to upskill Australian dairy manufacturers. The webinars cover all areas of dairy manufacture including – Cheese, Cleaning & Sanitation, Dairy Microbiology, Emerging Technologies & Processes, Food Safety, Fresh Dairy, Ice Cream, Market Insights & Business Development, Milk, Process Optimisation, Product Development, and Sustainability.


Guide to labelling requirements – Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Guide to Food Labelling and Food Composition requirements – SA Health