The role of Dairysafe is to ensure that South Australian dairy products are safe for consumers by ensuring they are produced by an accredited business operating in accordance with an approved food safety arrangement that specifies compliance with Australia’s food safety standards (the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code) at each point in the production process.


Dairysafe is an independent statutory authority fully financed by the dairy industry. Established on 1 July 1993, Dairy Authority of South Australia ‘Trading as Dairysafe’ consists of three Members appointed by the Governor, one of whom is appointed as Chairperson. Its work in overseeing the safe production of dairy products in South Australia is carried out by a small professional team of administrators and auditors. It carries out its functions under the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) Act 2004 and the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Dairy) Regulations 2017.

The role of Dairysafe is to ensure that dairy products produced in South Australia are safe for consumers by ensuring that Australian food safety standards (the FSANZ standards) are complied with at each point in the production process.  We do this by accrediting dairy farmers, raw milk transporters and dairy product processors and auditing them regularly against the standards. We also assist those in the dairy production chain to resolve any issues such as a bacterial outbreak to ensure the integrity of dairy supply in the state.

While the vast majority of the producers and processors we accredit are involved in the production of major cow’s milk products, we also accredit buffalo, goat and sheep milk producers and those involved in organic milk production. Accredited producers include the full range of dairy products from packaged milk, butter, yoghurt and deserts through to pharmaceuticals and biodynamic products.  Our role is to work with each unique business to help them carry out their business in a safe way.

We also are responsible for advising the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development on matters of Dairy food safety.

Dairysafe Board

Chair: Roseanne Healy

Members: Kay Matthias and Michael Connor


Chief Executive: Geoff Raven

Accountant: Rocco Galluccio

Food Safety Officer: Fiona Little

Food Standards and Accreditation Officer: Craig Heard

Who needs to be accredited?

Regulation Update

Accreditation is required with Dairysafe if you are involved in:

  • Dairy farming for milk production, whether with cows, sheep, goats, camel and buffalo. Because of the interest in “unique” milk supplies, it is likely that we will cover all milk producing animals in the future. Dairysafe will help anybody who wishes to become involved in specialist milk production.
  • Transportation of raw (unpasteurised and unpackaged) milk.
  • Processing of milk into products. The general rule is that if milk or milk products are the base or major component of the end product or make up more than 50% of the products then you must seek accreditation.

Accreditation does not apply to:

  • Retail establishments unless they are also manufacturing for sale through outlets other than the premises within which the product is made.
  • Retail transportation of milk products which are already packaged.

The Department of Health and local government authorities manage these areas.

If you have any doubt about whether you need to be accredited, please contact us by calling (08) 8223 2277 and we will be happy to advise you further.

Our relationship with other bodies

Dairysafe works closely with the dairy industry, industry organisations, interstate dairy authorities, local councils, Department of Health, The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture Food Division, FSANZ and Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), to ensure all dairy products produced in South Australia are safe for people to consume and all accredited producers, processors and transporters are adhering to the standards.

Dairysafe also participates at a national level, on quality and food safety matters, to ensure uniformity between the states and the Commonwealth. Dairysafe has Memorandums of Understanding for co-operation with both PIRSA Biosecurity and the Department of Health in South Australia and with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Dairy Food Safety Victoria and the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority.