Dairysafe, SA Health and the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) are partners in South Australia’s world-class food regulation system, and each has legislative responsibility for food standards and regulation. Our agencies are also part of the South Australian public sector which is one of the most diverse workforces in the state.

Ours are unique workplaces that are dedicated to protecting public health and the reputation of South Australia’s food safety and food production.

Employment benefits within our agencies include broader career development in government, personal and professional development, flexible workplaces, good remuneration and conditions in proactive and innovative teams.

We are committed to ensuring our workplaces are accessible and equitable for all people.

We employ qualified individuals in roles that cover policy development, verification and audit, investigation, industry support, compliance, and emergency response.

When a vacancy occurs, it presents an exciting opportunity to work within one of these progressive agencies and experience a diverse and rewarding role in food standards and regulation.

Why work in food regulation?

Dairysafe, SA Health, and PIRSA regularly advertise for suitable modern food safety regulators. This is an exciting and developing vocational area experiencing a period of modernisation, with developments in food safety culture, RegTech, and the approach to verification.

Learn more about our agencies, and the benefits, challenges and rewards available in our respective organisations, from the following link: Opportunities in Food Safety, Food Standards, and Regulation

How to position yourself for an opportunity

  • Make a connection with one of our agencies – find out more about how you can prepare.
  • Make sure to obtain the required entry pre-requisites, ie the necessary qualifications, experience, skill sets, and competencies illustrated in the ‘Workforce Entry Pathway’.
  • Participate in placement or mentoring opportunities.
  • Nominate to participate in training opportunities.
  • Ask to be included in our workforce candidate list.
  • Stay in touch.


SA Health – 8226 7136, healthfoodaudit@sa.gov.au, www.sahealth.sa.gov.au

PIRSA – 8429 4393, pirsa.foodsafety@sa.gov.au, pir.sa.gov.au

Dairysafe – 8223 2277, admin@dairy-safe.com.au, www.dairy-safe.com.au