Following our stocktake of training needs in the dairy manufacturing sector, Dairysafe is looking to provide a 2020 Workshop series, each covering topics such as:

  • Pasteurisation;
  • Labelling, identification and traceability;
  • Shelf-life validation;
  • Milk cooling and the Early Milk Collection Index; and
  • Microbiological testing and GMP – managing the risks.

The aim is to provide two hour workshops in central and regional locations, similar arrangements to the Dairysafe workshops provided in September last year.

“We’re also responding to feedback from manufacturers indicating a need for a forum where artisans, SMEs and QA Managers can get around the table or online to discuss key issues about food safety, processing, new information and technologies,” said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven.

“We fully support this collaboration which is an important part of our industry’s continuous improvement philosophy.”

Further details will be provided to all manufacturers in late February and will also be on the website on the Food Safety Toolbox page.