One Biosecurity is a voluntary PIRSA farm program that encourages the adoption of good farm practices and risk management.

It emphasises the link between practices and biosecurity outcomes and promotes a culture of good practices, which will improve producers’ resilience to animal health challenges.

One Biosecurity is a free, online program that is designed to complement other accreditation programs currently required by dairy producers. For example, the SA DairyManaJD program, which has been effective in managing Johnes disease in the dairy industry and providing export market access, will be incorporated into One Biosecurity to align with national changes.

Central to the One Biosecurity program is a free online application, which allows you to record and assess your biosecurity practices. You can share that information with other producers and potential buyers if you wish.

After answering a biosecurity questionnaire, you receive a biosecurity rating for your farm. You can also elect to complete disease risk ratings for specific endemic diseases that occur in South Australia.

South Australian producers can register on the One Biosecurity website ( which provides an intuitive self-guided process through the program’s two main components: the Biosecurity Practices Questionnaire, and Disease Risk Rating modules.

The biosecurity questionnaire generates a live farm biosecurity plan, which will be automatically updated as new practices are adopted. It also provides a good framework for a business continuity plan in the face of an animal disease outbreak.

You have the choice to share your biosecurity profile or to keep it private and the information is verified through audit processes. “It’s early days, but discussions are underway to work out if the audit could be included as part of your annual Dairysafe farm audit,” Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven said.

“One Biosecurity complements the aims and objectives of your DairySafe accreditation. Safe product starts with good practices.”

Mandy Pacitti, Mistybrae Holstein Stud and Simon Edwards, from Willunga Vets.