Dairysafe’s website contains a handy ‘Food Safety Toolbox’ page which has been set up by topic to make finding information as easy as possible.

In the Toolbox you’ll find previously issued ‘Bulletins’, ‘Food Safety Guidelines’, the ‘Compendium of Microbiological Criteria for Food’, business continuity assistance under the ‘Food Safety Hub’, general ‘Food Safety Issues’, who is on the list of ‘Approved Auditors’, information on ‘Training’ and reference information on labelling.

Recent updates to the Toobox include:

  • The most recently issued Bulletin #4 on managing your food safety audit;
  • The online microbiological testing in dairy manufacturing course under ‘Training’; and
  • References to two handy guides on labelling.

While you’re looking around the Toolbox, you can check out current food recalls in the ‘Food Safety Hub’.

If you’re aware of other useful food safety information, or would like to see specific material added to the Toolbox, please let us know via email at admin@dairy-safe.com.au.