Dairysafe partnered with the South Australian Government in 2019-2020 to successfully deliver the ‘Dairy Industry Training Pathway and Analytical Tool’ project.

The project had two key outputs: assessment of the training, skills and culture in – and available to – the dairy manufacturing sector, and development of a tool to assist businesses to analyse their exposure to business continuity breakdown.

“The critical review of training, skills, and culture found that, while dairy manufacturers provide significant in-house and on-the-job training, there are serious shortcomings in training pathways and training options, which are most likely stifling innovation and growth,” said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven.

“In response to these findings, we have recommended two projects be considered, aimed at aligning training with industry needs, driving solutions to training gaps, and supporting industry, particularly where there is potential for innovation and growth.

“The first project specifically focuses on a vocational pathway, apprenticeships and credentialing for dairy manufacturing businesses.”

The project also saw the successful development and testing of a Business Continuity Model.

“Feedback indicates the model delivers real value, aids business resilience and has the potential for broader application across food manufacturing businesses,” Geoff said.

“The second project we have recommended to PIRSA is focused on improving business continuity and resilience.

“Overall, we’re aiming to substantially enhance the resilience of the South Australian dairy industry.”