As reported in our August e-news, Dairysafe has developed a free Business Continuity Model (BCM) for dairy processors. The online BCM Tool allows a business owner/operator to quickly check their preparedness for business disruption through a to 10 to 15 minute self-assessment.

The tool has received positive feedback from dairy processors and interest from the wider food sector. Food SA has requested that the tool be further developed for application across food manufacturing in South Australia.

“The interest shown by Food SA is exciting as it has the potential to improve resilience amongst SA food manufacturers,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“This collaboration may also lead to further refinement of the BCM which could benefit SA dairy processors and other food manufacturers.”

Founder of Barossa Valley Cheese Victoria McClurg.

Founder of the Barossa Valley Cheese Company, Victoria McClurg, was one of the companies involved with testing of the BCM Tool.

“The tool provides a high-level overview of your business operations from a food safety, food culture and communication perspective,” Victoria said.

“Using the tool was a quick and simple process. I spent 10 minutes responding to the questions, inputting my insights about my business, and then the tool gave me a report with opportunities for improving my business resilience, which I’ll work through.”

Victoria said the report identified key communication and management practices that Barossa Valley Cheese Company could improve.

“And the report includes a graph that shows where we sit in relation to where we should be, against the various food safety and business activities. This provides insight into our position within the food safety sector,” Victoria said.

“Working through the Business Continuity Model provided a fresh perspective around areas to target in our Food Safety Plan. It was well worth the 10 minutes of my time.”

The online BCM Tool, launched in August 2021, was co-funded by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA). It can be accessed through Dairysafe’s website.

Dairysafe is keen to continually improve the BCM tool and is eager to hear any suggestions on how to improve it. Let us know by emailing