We’re pleased to report that Dairysafe operations and results are on track with our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. The following article details key results from 2019, based on the goals of our Strategic Plan.

Strategic Goal #1: To be the Benchmark and Leader in Dairy Food Safety

  • Dairysafe develops and produces technical guidance, ‘Guideline for the safe manufacture of dairy products’.
  • Dairysafe conducts joint export audits with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture.

Strategic Goal #2: To Protect the Food Safety Reputation of the Dairy Industry

  • No illnesses associated with SA dairy products.
  • Effective management of trade and consumer level recalls (2).
  • No antibiotic residue in dairy products.
  • No retail dairy products with pathogens detected.
  • Industry compliant with regulatory standards – a significant reduction in the frequency of major non-compliance found at audit.
  • Timely and professional management of food safety incidents.

Strategic Goal #3: Collaborative in promoting Food Safety Culture

  • Dairysafe continues to promote food safety learnings with four industry workshops delivered.
  • Dairy industry training research project initiated.

Strategic Goal #4: Develop a Food Safety communication plan relevant to the South Australian Dairy Industry

  • Stakeholder survey provides positive feedback on Dairysafe’s performance as a food safety regulator, and in communicating food safety advice to industry.

Strategic Goal #5: Modernise Dairysafe

  • Internal systems updated to digital real-time auditing.
  • Dairysafe’s regulatory management system is certified to the international ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard.
  • No increase to Accreditation fees.

New Strategic Plan coming for 2021

Dairysafe will shortly be looking to build on the outcomes from the 2017-2020 strategic plan by developing a new 2021-2024 strategic plan

In order to move forward on the new plan we need to consult with you, our stakeholders. We look forward to the consultation process which will be undertaken during the course of 2020.