Dairysafe surveys stakeholders every two years, collecting your views and opinions, to help us measure our performance, to gain feedback and to identify opportunities for improvement.

The survey questions ask how accredited businesses and stakeholders view Dairysafe’s regulatory, technical and communication services.

This year’s survey was issued to 291 Dairysafe stakeholders in June. There was a 27.5% response rate, which compared favourably with the 2019 survey (28%).

The 2021 survey delivered very positive results in comparison with the 2019 survey, in almost every category. Some of the highlights were:

  • 90% agree or strongly agree that Dairysafe is a reliable source of food safety advice;
  • 90% are satisfied to very satisfied with the quality of communications from Dairysafe;
  • 100% of respondents that have engaged with Dairysafe’s technical support are satisfied to very satisfied;
  • 81.5% agree to strongly agree Dairysafe’s audit process provides value to food safety standards at dairy businesses; and
  • 82% very confident to extremely confident in Dairysafe as a food safety standards regulator.

“We’re thrilled with these results which show our focus on continuous improvement at Dairysafe is paying off,” said CEO Geoff Raven. “And in that spirit, we’ll continue working hard to ensure we perform to the standards industry needs and expects.”

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