The safety of food has been reported as being one of the seven biggest ethical issues facing the agriculture industry. Safe food is critical for health and food security, and for livelihoods, economic development, trade and the international reputation of every country.

“Food safety is everyone’s responsibility and therefore everyone’s business,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“Poor practices can severely impact a brand and confidence in a food sector. But reporting something you think is unsafe, wrong or has the potential to impact product integrity, or a business, is an obligation.”

Geoff said reporting an issue shouldn’t be viewed negatively. “An important responsibility for people working within the food industry is to speak up, educate others and, if necessary, report poor practice,” he said.

“Acting ethically builds trust that is fundamental to protecting the reputation of your employer, your business, and the industry.”

In an online report on ethics and integrity, PepsiCo said that acting ethically and responsibly was not only the right thing to do for the community but also the right thing for their business.

PepsiCo has a Global Code of Conduct which is the foundation of their commitment to ethical excellence which builds trust with employees, consumers, investors, and the communities in which they operate.

Staff training and communication support the Code. PepsiCo encourages employees to Voice their Opinion Fearlessly to raise concerns about unethical business practices, and all employees have an obligation to report what they suspect or believe to be a violation of the Code or applicable law. They can report issues to their supervisor via the speak-up hotline, or to HR.

“The next time you see something with potential to impact product safety or integrity, speak up and approach the individual or business, raise it with your supervisor or your boss, or if all else fails, report it to Dairysafe,” Geoff said.