A new and free online food safety training course will assist dairy manufactures to develop their Good Hygiene Practices (GHP).

The course is being developed by Queensland Safe Food in collaboration with Australia’s dairy regulators, on behalf of Dairy Australia.

“The training is aimed at dairy manufacturers and will also assist artisan and SME businesses. The separate modules in the training program can be used for staff inductions and in production settings,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“This is a good introductory or refresher course for manufacturers. You can do the course at your own pace, it takes about two hours to complete and you get a certificate at the end.”

The course was developed with federal government funding from the Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) program. This course is the fourth online short course developed with PASE funding, and follows courses on Food Recall, Microbiological Testing in Dairy Manufacturing, and Understanding Food Safety Programs.

All courses are accessible at: https://www.dairyaustralia.com.au/manufacturing-resources-and-support/training#.YFvKPK8zaUk

The GHP training course will cover the following content:

  • Introduction to GHP:
    • What is GHP, and the role of GHP in food safety, relationship to HACCP, and the role of business management in GHP; documenting and recording your GHP arrangements.
  • Personal hygiene:
    • Why is it important; purpose and aim; list of hazards to be considered; special requirements; who is responsible; verification and records.
  • Hygienic design:
    • Workflow and layout; aim of hygienic design; areas and hazards to be considered; do’s and don’ts.
  • Cleaning and sanitation:
    • Purpose of cleaning; list of hazards and areas to be considered; types of soils; types of surface materials and what chemicals to use; principles of effective cleaning; types of cleaning and sanitisers; responsibility; do’s and don’ts.
  • Verification of GHPs:
    • Aims, and areas/hazards to be considered; elements of verifying GHPs; design of a verification system; review of records; do’s and don’ts.

This course will be added to the Dairysafe Toolbox when it’s available.