Dairysafe has commenced an industry Forum series to enable members of the dairy processing sector to network and discuss current or emerging food safety and quality issues.

The first forum meeting took place on 25 February 2022 and feedback from processors has been very positive. The forum achieved one of the aims by pulling industry together to collectively discus common issues.

The comments offered during the forum certainly provided a good appreciation of the supply chain issues that industry has been facing. We also heard from across the sector the cost increases and the difficulty in being able to pass these on.

In terms of where to next, we are keen to maintain momentum and further develop the network. We would see that continuing the forum would at the very least deliver the following outcomes:

  • Develop a valued dairy processor network
  • Pinpoint issues
  • Engage subject matter experts to address issues
  • Develop workshops to benefit the SA dairy industry
  • Facilitate training opportunities

The next forum is scheduled for Friday 27 May 2022 where the feature will be discussion on training opportunities with special input from Registered Training Organisations and how they’re able to assist dairy processors.

Dairysafe will email a link to all South Australian dairy processors to join the next Industry Forum.