The South Australian Dairy Industry Action Plan 2024-2029 was launched by South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas in April.

The plan was developed by the SA Dairyfarmers’ Association (SADA) and sets the pathway for the SA dairy industry for the next five years, continuing the State’s premium milk focus.

The 2019-2024 plan achieved its goal of aligning the SA dairy industry with industry participants, regulators and government. The plan succeeded in creating communications and pathways across the industry that led to a clear ambition for an industry focused on a premium South Australian product.

The new Dairy Industry Action Plan 2024-2029 builds on the notion of premium by expanding what will be expected in marketplaces globally as society moves to a more sustainable future.

“This plan is about creating a future for an industry that sees itself as part of the 21st-century global marketplace,” said SADA President Rob Brokenshire.

“The industry is not without its challenges in a highly competitive market where pressure has been felt by all in the supply chain, including farmers, processors and retailers.

“Nevertheless, the partnerships which have been developed in SA in the past five years have laid a platform for a future which means that all South Australians can benefit from an industry that will be recognised globally as being sustainable and of the highest quality. The SA Dairy Industry Action Plan 2024-2029 is the roadmap to that future.”

Premier Malinauskas said the new Dairy Industry Action Plan demonstrates the ongoing commitment from all dairy producers and processors to keep growing and improving the industry.

“South Australian dairy products are globally recognised and exported around the world, and the plan laid out by industry will aim to build on that reputation and ensure we are also the greenest, and more premium products on the market,” Premier Malinauskas said.

“I look forward to seeing the work and action from all South Australian dairy farmers who continue to work hard not only in providing us with delicious and nutritious products but in taking care of their land and our environment for future generations of South Australians.”

Premier Peter Malinauskas with Rob Brokenshire, Nick Hutchinson and Sarah Roper at SA Dairy Plan launch.

New dairy a vote of confidence

The launch of the SA Dairy Industry Action Plan occurred at Rob Brokenshire’s new 70-bay rotary dairy in Mount Compass.

The dairy is emblematic of an industry that believes in a sustainable future and incorporates some of the latest technologies. The care of cows is of the highest standards and electronic collars are scanned every milking, giving a complete health record of each cow.

Waste management on the farm has been designed to keep waste out of the environment and the farm’s systems are designed to ensure that nutrients are returned to the farm so that the farm can diminish the reliance on artificial fertilisers.

“The nutrients in cow waste will become a resource as fertilisers in the fields. This will see all effluent on site being returned to pastures in a way that has zero impact on the environment,” Rob said.

The new Brokenshire dairy.