The UK is experiencing a surge in food recalls, according to an article titled, ‘Rise of the recall’ on

This is not unlike the situation in Australia, with the increasing rate of recalls reflecting increases in allergens detected in product and, to a lesser extent, labelling mistakes and the detection of pathogens from in-house testing.

“While our food supply is arguably the safest it has ever been, certain circumstances continue to challenge manufacturers,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Diarysafe.

The article looks at how food manufacturers can reduce the risk of a recall and minimise the potential damage recalls can cause.

Would you know what to do if your product had to be recalled?

“If you don’t, we encourage you to get informed by doing some training as a first step,” Geoff said.

An online Recall training course has been developed by Safefood Queensland in conjunction with Dairy Australia and is available to all dairy processors throughout Australia. To sign up for the Recall course, click here.

The course is free, it takes about two hours to complete and it can be completed at your own pace, in your own time. It covers:

  • The potential impact of a food recall.
  • Who governs the recall process in Australia.
  • Your business responsibilities during a recall.
  • Communicating effectively during a recall.
  • Building resilience in your business.

“Recall training adds value to your business, it ensures your staff have the skills and knowledge to act, it minimises business risk and it’s a professional development opportunity for your staff,” Geoff said.

“Completing the course will help your business be prepared for a recall. Any people responsible for recalls in your business should complete the course.”

What would a recall cost you? Take a moment and check the potential cost to your business by clicking here. This online Dairy Food Recall Model* has been developed to help Australian dairy businesses understand the potential costs of a food recall and help guide decisions for improvements to their procedures.

There’s also this helpful video outlining everything you need to know about preparing for a product recall. Check it out here.

And read the case study with Udder Delights who undertook the Recall training course here.