Your Dairysafe food safety audit provides an opportunity to test your processes, check where your business may be exposed or is performing well, and receive constructive feedback on the status of your food safety system.

“It’s important and helpful to motivate your team to prepare for a positive audit, with the aim of getting the most value from the audit process,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“This will be aided by establishing a positive food safety culture in the workplace because much of the audit preparation will already be in hand.”

There are seven points to success for a positive and successful audit:

  1. Approach your audit from a continuous improvement perspective.
  2. Go over your previous audit, and any other commercial audits, to identify outstanding actions or opportunities for improvement – think about doing this with your team.
  3. Correct any non-conformances identified from previous audits.
  4. Ensure all documents and evidence is organised and readily accessible and ensure that key personnel are available, to reduce unnecessary delays.
  5. For farmers, complete an internal audit, to provide confidence in your system and check if there are any issues or opportunities for improvement in preparation for the audit.
  6. Review support programs – check that systems, monitoring and documentation are up to date.
  7. For processors, check if your recall preparedness is up to date in the business – how long since the recall plan was reviewed, and a mock recall occurred?

If you have any questions about preparing for your food safety audit, contact Dairysafe on (08) 8223 2277.