Dairysafe stakeholder surveys are conducted every two years to gather qualitative data and assess our performance. We seek feedback on the value of Dairysafe audits, how our regulation and audit activities align with business risk and performance, the Dairysafe website, our engagement and communication, and Dairysafe’s industry knowledge.

The 2023 survey delivered positive results using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is widely regarded as the benchmark for measuring stakeholder experience. The metrics demonstrate consistent improvement in Dairysafe’s key performance areas over time.

According to Bain & Company, who developed the NPS metric, a score above 0 is considered good, while anything above 20 is great and anything above 50 is simply amazing.

This year we are pleased to report the following scores:

  1. Communication provided by Dairysafe is valued: Score 31
  2. Dairysafe is a reliable source of food safety advice: Score 49
  3. I have found the Dairysafe website to be informative and useful: Score -1
  4. I feel comfortable to engage with the Dairysafe team on food safety matters: Score 64
  5. Dairysafe provides adequate information on food safety: Score 40
  6. The Dairysafe audit adds value to food safety standards in my business: Score 43
  7. Dairysafe’s activities are aligned with industry’s food safety risk and performance: Score 46
  8. Dairysafe is an effective food safety organisation: Score 49
  9. I value the Dairysafe partnership: Score 51

“Based on the qualitative data, we have observed enhancements in various areas such as communication quality, reliability as an information source, alignment with industry risk and performance, stakeholder engagement, audit value, effectiveness as a food safety regulator, quality of food safety information, and the value of the Dairysafe partnership,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“Regarding feedback on the Dairysafe website, stakeholders have strongly agreed that it is an informative and useful resource over the past four years. However, we will regularly review the content and ensure that it is promoted to all stakeholders.”

Stakeholder surveys are also used to track progress towards achieving Dairysafe’s 2021-2024 Strategic Directions.