Dairysafe received a positive response to four workshops held in September focussed on the draft ‘Guidelines for the safe manufacture of dairy products’. The workshops in Naracoorte and Tanunda and two at Regency TAFE allowed good discussion of the content and tested the language of the guidelines.

The workshops also provided an opportunity to convey food safety messages specific to the dairy industry.

Every dairy business in South Australia was invited and in attendance were 59 individuals representing 32 accredited processors, a 60% hit rate.

Each attendee completed an evaluation at the completion of the workshop, which asked for a rating from 1 to 5 of the various aspects of the workshop. The attendees were also asked if they would support further food safety workshops.

A summary of feedback is presented below.

Evaluation questions 1 2 3 4 5 Total Average rating
The workshop met my expectations – personally 0 4 4 23 28 59 4.27
The workshop met my expectations – professionally 0 4 3 24 28 59 4.29
The content was easy to follow 0 1 2 23 33 59 4.49
The information was relevant and useful 0 2 4 18 35 59 4.46
The venue was suitable 0 2 10 19 28 59 4.24
The presenter was clear and informative 0 1 2 12 44 59 4.68
Would you support regular Dairysafe food safety based industry based workshops
Yes 100%
No 0%

“The direct feedback from attendees indicated the workshops met a need, were appreciated and were informative. The formal feedback from the evaluation sheets confirmed that,” said Geoff Raven, CEO.

“Overwhelmingly, attendees considered the workshops to convey an informative, engaging and worthwhile process.”

In terms of feedback provided, comments included the following.

What did you like most about the workshop? “Informative; practical; interactive; sharing knowledge; real world examples; depth of knowledge; easy to understand delivery; learnt a lot; basic micro for those that had minimal background; well explained; the technical aspect; clarity of information; knowledge of the presenter was brilliant; engaging; easy to understand about CCPs; transparent example based information; good industrial examples; information was very useful to our current industry and regulations; the presenter welcomed input and questions; good recommendations on relevant resources; the presenter has a very real and practical approach, he obviously fully understands this industry; the group was diverse so there was a variety of different views regarding process methods; casual but informative, good clear answers given to questions, interactive and fun; good overview of food safety related to dairy; opened my thoughts on how important it is in a dairy safe environment and the factors to eliminate bacteria and risk.