New online pasteurisation operator training is being developed by DWC FoodTech and will be available in February 2021.

DWC FoodTech has been engaged by Dairysafe to look at developing a nationally accepted training program, tailored to the pasteurisation of dairy products.

“This tailored training program is designed to enhance key capabilities of process operators and supervisors to reinforce food safety during the pasteurisation of dairy products,” said Stephen Ellis, Managing Director at DWC FoodTech.

“The program will be presented via an online learning platform, enabling participants to learn at their own pace, engage with the trainers and receive nationally recognised certification.”

Targeting operators and supervisors of milk pasteurisation systems, the training program will provide knowledge in food microbiology, thermal processing (pasteurisation) concepts, processing equipment, cleaning and sanitation, packaging considerations and HACCP, all based on a thermal processing and food safety perspective.

“Participants will be able to register for the course, access the course content and complete the training modules at their own pace,” Stephen said.

“The training modules are to be similar to a PowerPoint presentation, whereby the user progresses through the slides. Each slide will contain written information and a pre-recorded voice over, thereby providing the same content that would have been included had there been face-to-face training.

“Pictures, illustrations and videos will also be incorporated. Once the participant has completed each module, they will be required to complete an assessment/questionnaire to test their knowledge.

“Once all modules and assessments have been satisfactorily completed, participants will be advised that they have completed the course and they will receive their certificate.”

A written course manual will be developed and couriered to participants prior to them commencing the training.

Training modules

  1. An introduction to the microbiology of milk pasteurisation
    1. An introduction to the fundamentals of food microbiology relevant to milk pasteurisation and microorganisms of concern.
  2. Thermal processing concepts
    1. An introduction to the fundamentals of thermal processing and an understanding of the importance of the pasteurisation process.
  3. Target microorganisms and their heat resistance
    1. An introduction to the concept of microbial heat resistance and the importance of operating within critical limits.
    2. Definition of process severity, ensuring process adequacy (and food safety) and compliance with regulations.
  4. Processing equipment and their critical operation
    1. Exploring different methods of pasteurisation (continuous and batch) and associated equipment from raw materials to finished product.
    2. Critical components (and their limits) associated with processing equipment that must be maintained to ensure process adequacy and food safety.
    3. Troubleshooting.
  5. Cleaning, sanitation and pasteurisation of processing equipment and packaging
    1. The importance of cleaning, sanitation and pasteurisation of processing equipment and packaging.
  6. HACCP in the manufacture of pasteurised milk
    1. An overview of HACCP and its importance specific to milk pasteurisation.

Image courtesy of PIRSA.