South Australian dairy farmer and processors have delivered outstanding audit results in the January to March 2022 period.

To the end of March, 0 minor and 1 major non-conformance were identified from 64 audits. The results deliver a non-conformance rate of 0% for minor and 1.5% for major non-conformances per audit.

The collaborative approach between industry and Dairysafe continues to see compliance rates trend favourably in comparison to the previous two years.

In 2020, non-conformance rates were 111% for minor and 13% for major, and in 2021 non-conformance rates were 11.5% for minor and 6.3% for major.

“The compliance results indicate the collaborative approach to food safety auditing, and the audit team’s endeavour to assist businesses through providing options for resolving matters and implementing effective outcomes, is delivering positive food safety and reputational outcomes,” said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven.

“The results also indicate farmers and processors are continuing to deliver positive food safety and quality trends.”

The non-conformance trends from audits at dairy processors identified that additional focus is required on microbiological testing of finished product.

In terms of non-conformance trends from audits of dairy farms, there were no non-conformances raised from the 46 farm audits completed during the January to March quarter.

“This is a truly outstanding performance by SA dairy farmers,” Geoff said.