The events of 2020 demonstrated that crises can significantly impact businesses.

As previously reported, Dairysafe with the assistance of Government funding, has developed a Business Continuity Model to help dairy processors identify where their business may be exposed to breakdown.

Now the team at Dairysafe has converted the model into a web-based application that will soon be freely available online on Dairysafe’s website.

The application is a self-assessment tool and, based on your response to 13 questions, will highlight on a matrix the level of business continuity risk exposure for your business and provide a report listing opportunities where you can reduce or manage identified business continuity risks.

The online application is registration-based and password protected, meaning it is secure and you can come back to it at any time to update your assessment.

Completing the tool takes about 15 minutes and the application provides you with a detailed report (action plan) identifying opportunities which you can prioritise, list who will be responsible for each task, and the date you want the task completed.

“All dairy manufacturers in South Australia should seriously consider trying the Business Continuity web-based application to self-assess their exposure to business continuity breakdown and to identify actions where they can manage business continuity risks,” said Geoff Raven, Dairysafe CEO.

“The feedback from users of the Tool indicates it delivers real value, aids business resilience and assurance in managing crises.”

Dairysafe will notify all processors when the web-based application goes live.

Dairysafe is now planning an online Business Continuity Tool for dairy farmers.