The non-conformance rate at dairy farms recorded during audits so far in 2020 is tracking higher than in 2019.

“We observed a significant reduction in the non-conformance rate in 2019 compared to 2018, but as of March 2020, the rate is tracking slightly higher than in 2019. We’re not concerned at this point, but we do want to remind dairy farmers and processors to pay close attention to maintenance, calibration and record keeping, in particular,” Geoff Raven said.

In terms of trends, the non-conformance rate per audit are:

2018 20192020 YTD
Critical 000

Non-conformance areas at dairy farms included: maintenance of dairy premises; calibration of thermometers; feed vendor declarations; pest control; milking machine testing; record of chemical spray withholding period; wash-up procedure for milking machine/storage.

Non-conformance areas at dairy manufacturers included: water testing; procedures; maintenance program; reference thermometer.