The new Dairysafe Strategic Directions 2021-2024 have been released and will build on the outcomes of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

“The landscape has changed over the past three years, but our mission remains to lead the South Australian dairy community to embrace a food safety culture. That culture is critical to South Australian brands and to our reputation as a producer of premium dairy products,” said Geoff Raven, Dairysafe CEO.

The new strategic agenda maintains a vision of ‘customers having confidence in the dairy industry’, and to support that vision there are 4 strategic priorities:

  • Building industry and consumer confidence;
  • Leading food safety regulation;
  • Connecting the industry; and
  • Inspiring a safety culture.

Dairysafe is seeking the following outcomes over the 2021 to 2024 period:

  • Keeping consumers safe;
  • Supporting businesses to be resilient, sustainable and to grow; and
  • Delivering value to businesses through consistent food safety regulation and minimal regulatory burden.

“Our values of leadership, excellence, knowledge, independence and agility continue to focus how we work and relate to our stakeholders,” Geoff said.

The Board and Management would like to acknowledge the collaboration and support provided by stakeholders and partners in developing this essential plan.

Progress with the Strategic Directions will be reported to industry stakeholders annually.

You can access the 2021-2024 Dairysafe Strategic Directions on the Dairysafe website here.