A new plan for the South Australian dairy industry is coming. The South Australian Dairyfarmers Association (SADA) will launch the SA Dairy Industry Action Plan 2024-2029 this year, with one of the main goals being increased milk production.

The State Government has projected population growth in the Greater Adelaide Area to be approximately 650,000 people by 2050, and that growth will demand much more dairy product domestically.

The new plan is supported by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia’s South Australian branch and dairy processors. It will provide focus for the SA dairy industry’s ongoing development across the State.

The SA Dairy Industry Action Plan is dedicated to improving outcomes for SA dairy farmers and the processors who are seen as partners in advancing the industry as a whole. So far the Action Plan has received strong support from the SA Government, and a new 2024-2029 Plan is expected to enable continued support.

A key focus of the new plan will be partnering to deliver premium dairy products to local and distant consumers that are healthy, nutritious, and have strong sustainability credentials.

South Australian dairy is unique, with many family farms, artisan processors, and creative linkages, which enable it to establish a niche in the global marketplace by placing itself at the forefront of the premium market.

2023 was a year of consolidation and setting up for the future for many in the South Australian dairy industry. There was a focus on farm infrastructure and technology, which will provide efficiencies in coming years. The plan for 2024-2029 will aim to help the SA dairy industry leverage these and other opportunities and overcome the challenges to the benefit of industry participants.

Key industry strategies and targeted Key Performance Indicators will be developed as part of the new Action Plan. These measures will cover the areas of engagement, activity, aspiration, and change and will be reported periodically.

At a high level, they will include levels of production measured against past production and national performance, levels of engagement and partnership, outputs of innovations and adoption of industry-leading technologies and processes. Other factors to consider include export market opportunities, animal welfare and biosecurity, training and succession, and promotion.

The Action Plan has so far delivered significant innovations in traceability, which is emerging as nation-leading in the agri-food sector, innovations in communication management, particularly through the deployment of a CRM system, and improved engagement and deeper partnerships across SADA’s areas of activity.

The draft SA Dairy Industry Action Plan 2024-2029 is currently going through a consultation process to ensure that no opportunities are missed, with a launch date of April 2024. Contact the SA Dairyfarmers Association on 08 8293 2399 or sada@sada.asn.au for more information.