The Dairysafe Board recently approved renovation work to commence at Dairysafe’s new offices on Glen Osmond Road, Parkside.

The new office has been eagerly awaited since leaving the Hutt Street building just over two years ago and purchasing the new property later in 2020.

The original decision to leave Hutt Street was due to the building exceeding operational needs by about 300%. It had long outgrown its specific usefulness, much of the floor space was redundant to needs, there were growing maintenance costs, and there was also the issue of managing excess property assets and tenancies, which was not core business. The move made good sense.

Since selling the Hutt St building, Dairysafe has been operating at the Waite Precinct.

When renovated, the new Parkside office will feature a training room to be utilised by Dairysafe for industry workshops and training sessions. It will also be available for dairy industry meetings and events.

Other key features of the renovation include new kitchen, new amenities and a boardroom.

It is anticipated the new office will be ready for occupation at the end of December 2022 or start of January 2023.

Side elevation of proposed Dairysafe office renovations.