The ‘Guideline for the safe manufacture of dairy products’ has been released. This comprehensive document was commissioned by Dairysafe in early 2019 and created by Dr John Sumner and the Dairysafe team.

The Guideline provides detailed information on hazards and risks in manufacturing dairy products, suggests ways businesses can reduce risk to their customers, supplies scientific backing for developing and reviewing Food Safety Plans, and provides background information on regulatory and customer requirements for the safe manufacture of all your products.

“The Guideline document was a key deliverable for Dairysafe in 2019,” said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven. “There was a clear gap in the availability of technical food safety guidance for our manufacturers. Food safety incidents can impact public health, are costly and cause reputational damage.

“The Guideline fills the gap by providing our industry with technical support so they can confidently produce and supply premium safe dairy products to local, national and international consumers.”

The Guideline is intended as a reference for existing dairy processing businesses and also for those wanting to establish a dairy processing business. The document provides essential food safety information detailing the food safety hazards and risks associated with dairy products, dairy microbiology and testing, hazard sheets for target bacteria, how to control target bacteria in your dairy process, process control, your food safety program, cleaning and good manufacturing processes.

There are two parts to the Guideline: Part 1 details what you need to know about the safety of dairy products and Part 2 covers process control in manufacture.

The development of the Guideline document benefitted greatly from technical inputs from industry, regulatory and technical experts.

A hard copy is being delivered to every South Australian manufacturer and an e-copy is available on the Dairysafe website here.