A new online short course for the dairy processing sector is now available: ‘Good Hygiene Practices in Dairy Manufacturing’.

The course is free and is specially designed for people working in dairy manufacturing to improve their understanding and skills in Good Hygiene Practice (GHP).

The development of the course was a partnership between Dairy Australia and Safe Food Production Queensland, with input from all jurisdictional regulators.

As with the other short courses that have been developed for the dairy processing sector, this course is housed on the Safe Food Production Queensland website, and linked from the Dairy Australia website.

The course includes five modules and provides a certificate for those that satisfactorily answer questions at the end of each module.

The modules cover aspects on GHP, personal hygiene practice, hygienic design, cleaning and sanitation, and verification of GHP.

There are several links provided at the end of the course to some useful resource materials specifically related to GHP covering CIP, pathogen management, guidelines for safe manufacture, cleaning and sanitising programs, environmental monitoring, hygienic design, pest management, premises and equipment, and general food safety practices.

“I encourage all dairy processors to utilise this free resource which is perfect for induction of new staff and refresher training for existing staff,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.