Dairy Australia has announced the creation of a Milking Machine Testing course with national qualifications.

The Milking Machine Testing Tech short course includes the skills and knowledge required to mechanically test milking machines, to carry out minor services of milking equipment and to analyse and interpret data and complete a milking machine test report using ISO standards.

“Historically, there has been strong demand from milk processors to ensure appropriate qualification for milking machine technicians could be attained. This informed the recent completion of a three-year project led by Dairy Australia with industry collaboration to achieve this aim. Milking machine technicians now have access to an accredited training program – the Milking Machine Testing Tech short course,” said Dr John Penry, Manager – Technical and Innovation, Dairy Australia

“We are excited about another progressive step toward the greater assurance of quality products to customers, assisting in the growth of the dairy market.”

The program includes a teaching model, with a blend of online, theory, face-to-face and in field testing.

The course applies to technicians who test, service and repair milking machine components. Milking Machines must be well maintained and tested annually in accordance with ISO 6690:2007 by a technician trained in that standard.

The development of the course has been industry-led with processors recommending milking machines must be well maintained and tested annually.

The accredited course is a requirement for HACCP Food safety plans for farm compliance.

“Maintaining milking equipment is one of the key aspects to improve quality and keep cell counts down,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“Faulty milking machines can result in poor milk let down, slow milking, high bacterial counts and mastitis. Regular service and maintenance of milking machines can help ensure speed and completeness of milking is maintained, and the risk of mastitis due to milking machine faults is minimised.

“It’s great to see this new nationally relevant course which will help to lift quality standards in relation to milking machine maintenance.”

Successful completion of this training enables registration on Dairy Australia’s Countdown website as an accredited technician.

Enrolments are now open, with enquiries through Kirstie Ash at GoTAFE, email: Kash@gotafe.vic.edu.au.

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