A Milk Tanker Operation (MTO) Training Program, with nationally recognised qualifications, has been created and approved and is now open for enrolments through GOTAFE.

This short, accredited course was co-designed in partnership between Dairy Australia, milk transport companies and GOTAFE. The course provides training in the skills needed to meet food safety and quality system requirements that support the role of collecting milk from farms, and safely and hygienically transporting the product to a collection depot for unloading and further processing.

Industry approval has been granted through endorsement of the program by major Industry bodies including the Australian Milk Quality Steering Group (AMQSG) and the Dairy Industry People Development Council (DIPDC).

The course is the result of significant work bringing together the skills and experiences of milk processor and haulage company leaders from all parts of the industry nationally, who have been seeking a consistent qualified scheme for the basic training of tanker drivers (milk tanker operators).

The program includes refresher courses every three years, aimed at maintaining high levels of skills. Qualified milk tanker operators will be listed with employers in their HACCP Food Safety Plans for Milk Collection.

The program also aims to attract new entrants to the workforce by establishing formal recognition of the competencies and role of a milk tanker operator within the dairy industry.

Dairysafe recently reviewed the arrangements for milk transport companies in South Australia, and found that:

  • All dairy transport businesses have a documented Food Safety Arrangement;
  • Within this arrangement are documented Standard Operating Procedures which cover personal hygiene, farm collection, sample collection and unloading;
  • All milk transport operators are required to complete induction training, which is assessed, and competency is verified;
  • All dairy transport companies require annual and periodic refresher training for milk transport operators; and
  • Discussions were held with South Australian businesses around the National MTO Training Program, and all businesses agreed in principle to a nationally consistent approach around standard food safety compliance and testing.

For more information about MTO program enrolment email Kirstie Ash at KAsh@gotafe.vic.edu.au