Dairy Australia is supporting the development and improvement of industry skills and knowledge around food safety through interactive and valuable e-learning courses.

A course on recall is currently available and Dairysafe is recommending this be completed by every dairy processing business.

You’ll appreciate the potential impact a recall can have on your business, and be better prepared, which will go a long way to minimising the negative impact of a recall. Who knows, it could save your business!

The recall e-learning course focuses on the impact of a food recall on your manufacturing business, then develops skills in communications and business continuity planning to meet your statutory responsibilities and create your own food recall plan.

The course ends by putting your new plan to the test in a mock recall scenario. You’ll find it at http://manufacturing.dairyaustralia.com.au/learning-centre/training-courses.

Completion of this training course will assist a business in demonstrating the skills and knowledge requirements of the Food Standards Code, specifically around recall, where the legal requirement is for your business to have a recall system in place and the skills and knowledge to implement that system.

Another course in development that should be available after June 2019 is the microbiological testing e-learning course. Given Dairysafe’s audit findings in 2018, this course will be an essential component of a dairy processor’s food safety program.

The micro testing e-learning course will be suitable for small, medium and large businesses. It will deliver the skills and knowledge necessary for a dairy business to appropriately implement and manage the product and environmental testing requirements specified in conditions of accreditation.

It will focus on the benefits that product and environmental testing provides to a business, it will provide an understanding of the microbiological hazards and which of the hazards present a risk to your business, you will learn how micro testing fits within a businesses’ verification and food safety program, and how to implement a micro testing program, including interpreting and responding to the results, and the importance of trending data.

The e-learning course will include beneficial resources and reference materials. This will be a short course (around 2 hours in duration), will use non-technical language where possible and have a strong focus on business outcomes, including business continuity, due diligence, identifying the risks, and benefits to the business.

Dairysafe will be actively encouraging all dairy businesses in South Australia to have one or more staff members complete these e-learning courses.