Milking machine technicians now have access to an accredited training program – the Milking Machine Testing Tech short course – with the completion of a three-year project led by Dairy Australia with industry collaboration.

The project consisted of construction of the course curriculum by leading technicians experienced in this field; online program development with GoTAFE; and piloting. This training program has now been endorsed by the Australian Milk Quality Steering Group, as well as the Dairy Industry People Development Council (both under Dairy Moving Forward).

The training program meets ISO standards for food hygiene and safety. Consequently, on farm food safety programs can now include and audit an annual milking machine test that has been conducted by a qualified milking machine technician (MMT).

Qualified milking machine technicians (MMT) will hold GoTAFE qualification papers with their individual qualifying date representing the authority to sign off milking machine tests. Refresher ;competency assessments’ will be carried out every three years to ensure qualifications remain current.

Qualified milking machine technicians will be listed on the Countdown section of the Dairy Australia website, alongside the list of Countdown trained Advisors, for ready access by farmers.

To appear on this list, technicians who have completed this training will need to supply a copy of their certificate of attainment via email to Stephanie Bullen at Dairy Australia at

 Applications for enrolments are now open, with enquiries through Kirstie Ash at GoTAFE at

This information has been published with the permission of Dairy Australia.