Dairysafe is offering free industry workshops in June, focused on managing the dairy processing sector’s most serious food safety hazard – Listeria monocytogenes.

The workshops will be held around South Australia between 21 and 24 June. They are being delivered by Dr John Sumner and will address:

  • Relevance of Listeria to dairy and dairy processing:
    • Relevance and potential impacts;
    • Management in dairy processing facilities; and
    • Risks and controls, including what to include in food safety programs, in support programs, etc.
  • Managing Listeria in processing facilities – sources of contamination, prevention, physical controls, relevance of HACCP and your food safety program:
    • Prevention;
    • Physical controls – premises design and operations; and.
    • Sources of contamination
  • Monitoring for Listeria, and actions on detecting it in the environment:
    • Mandatory reporting; and
    • Actions on detection, and how to respond.

The workshops are being provided at no cost, with the aim to have every dairy processing business staff attending the workshops.

Workshop invitations have been emailed directly to all dairy processors. If you haven’t received an email, and you want to attend a workshop, email your details to admin@dairy-safe.com.au