We’re pleased to announce that Union Dairy Company, Bega Dairy and Drinks and Obela Fresh Dips and Spreads are the finalists in the running to win the inaugural Dairysafe Food Safety Culture Award.

The winner will be announced the South Australian Dairy Industry Awards on 25 August and will receive a $5000 training, education and development grant for their business.

Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven said five entries were received for the Food Safety Culture Award and picking finalists amongst the outstanding group of applicants was tough.

“It is wonderful to see the growing passion and enthusiasm for food safety in the South Australian dairy industry, as evidenced by the finalists in this category,” Geoff said.

Nominees were asked to address how their business applies each of the following food safety culture elements:

  • Knowledge of food safety
  • Workplace culture
  • Management behaviour
  • Staff behaviour
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Communication
  • Use of technology, tools and resources
  • Approach to problem solving
  • Engagement with regulators

“A food safety culture is when a dairy business takes on more than their standard obligations, it takes extra steps, leaps and bounds into prioritising food safety amongst its people through training and development, in the vision promoted by the business, the attitude within the business demonstrated by staff values, the policies, rules and procedures and, most importantly, communication throughout the company,” Geoff said.

“It is when a business integrates food safety into their business culture, which we know is good for business and delivers safe, high-quality dairy products.

“Businesses with a mature food safety culture should be recognised as champion dairy businesses, and that’s why we created this award. Congratulations to each of the nominees and the finalists on their commitment to food safety in our industry.”