Dairysafe’s project to benchmark industry training is providing valuable insights into training needs.

Dairysafe staff have conducted almost 50 interviews with dairy manufacturers as part of the industry stocktake phase. Two-hour interviews were held with owners, QA Managers and staff, with questions covering a range of areas associated with company training arrangements, opportunities for improvement and food safety culture.

The interviews are currently being written up and each business will receive their results, benchmarked against industry-wide results.

The next stage of the project involves the development and finalisation of a business continuity matrix that will assist businesses to analyse their exposure to business continuity breakdown, analyse business risk exposure, and assist businesses to strategically manage resources and training.

Feedback from the interviews with manufacturers has provided an insight into training needs which Dairysafe may be able to cover in the short term, while long-term training pathways are being developed. As a result, Dairysafe is looking to provide a 2020 Workshop series covering topics such as:

  • Pasteurisation;
  • Labelling, identification and traceability;
  • Shelf-life validation;
  • Milk cooling and the Early Milk Collection Index; and
  • Microbiological testing and GMP – managing the risks.

Feedback has also indicated a need for a forum where artisans or QA Managers can discuss key issues around food safety and processing.

More information about the training project will be provided to all manufacturers in late February.