At Dairysafe, we know the importance of production to dairy farmers, and we are looking into new ways that we can present data back to you. Our new Dairysafe Industry Portal will highlight key data for industry’s benefit.

We are in the process of designing graphs that will be shared in the Portal, where farmers will be able to see important data points and compare their dairy production performance.

“The data being provided is split between the three main regions to ensure that the information remains relevant and doesn’t get lost with how the regions vary,” said Eric Radley, Business Manager at Dairysafe.

‘The data will provide farmers with the ability to compare their results with what’s being achieved within their region.”

The portal graphs will show regional milk yield per cow for the past five years compared to the national average. This will enable farmers to compare their own situation and whether they are getting sufficient yield from their cows.

“Creating this industry resource is an ongoing process and we will be looking at adding more features in the future, to ensure we are sharing the most up to date and useful information with industry, to provide insight and assistance,” Eric said.

“We are currently looking at ways key protein and butterfat data can be presented and the potential benefit this information may be to industry.”

The new portal will be rolled out to industry in the second half of 2023, and the next step will be to include key dairy processor data points.