At this time of year, you may be starting to think about next season and it’s a great time to pause and reflect on what went well and what could be better.

Knowing where you’re at now will help you work out what to focus on for next season. Dairy Australia’s Farm Fitness Checklist is the ideal starting point for farmers looking to get their thoughts down on paper to create actions for their business.

Farm Fitness Checklist – ‘Us’ 

What is the most important component of your business? Grass? Cows? The dairy? Have you ever thought that your business will prosper or die based on you and your physical and mental health? 

You are the driving force of your business and how well you look after yourself will determine how well your business thrives. Dairy Australia has the new Farm Fitness Checklist available online. The very first checklist is all about you. It poses questions such as – do you enjoy what you do? Are you happy with you time balance? Are you fit and active? Do you get regular check-ups with your GP? 

Working through this checklist will help highlight the strengths your business has, but also the areas which might be a weakness and a threat to your business. It allows farmers to assess where they are at now and to identify opportunities for improvement – and its a great way get started on the ‘Our Farm, Our Plan’ journey.  

The checklist prompts thinking and discussion about all aspects of the dairy farm business, including the people involved. It automatically saves all your answers in one spot and allows you to share the results with the right people like your partner, farm team or trusted advisor.  

You can now do the Farm Fitness checklist online whenever it suits you. Simply go to and register to see how fit your business is. Support is available from Beck Burgess at DairySA, online or by calling Dairy Australia on 1800 548 073. 

Article supplied by DairySA.