There’s no excuse these days for any dairy business to lack  knowledge on good dairy business practices and food safety, when you consider the wealth of online resources available.

But sometimes, finding the right resources can be tricky. We recommend visiting the Dairy Australia website, which contains a Learning Centre – a hub of free resources for business owners, including information about food safety culture, such as:

To assist with your planning, the website includes a ‘Dairy Food Safety Culture Survey’ – a short nine question quiz that guides you through a health check of your dairy business’s food safety culture. You’ll get a picture of how your decision makers and team members rank the business’s overall approach to food safety, from the general philosophy in the workplace, to training and monitoring arrangements, to the relationship with food regulators.

Once you’ve completed the survey, you can use your answers and the ‘Dairy Food Safety Culture Action List’, which is also in the Food Safety Resources section, as a guide to making improvements in your business.

The ‘Action List’ is a handy checklist of steps to developing a good dairy food safety culture, beginning with leadership and moving through to your workplace environment, staff knowledge, data collection and assessment and relationship with regulators.

And there’s a wealth of useful technical resources available in Dairy Australia’s Learning Centre, including training courses, webinars, templates, other resources and training providers.