More than 180 industry, primary producers and government representatives met online and in person last week, with the theme of working together to keep foot and mouth disease (FMD) out of South Australia.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA)-Industry Emergency Animal Disease workshop involved participants from across key industry groups and State Government to advise and plan on preparedness for emergency responses, with key leadership and organisation from Livestock SA, the South Australian Dairy Association and Pork SA.  

Livestock SA also led an Emergency Animal Disease industry update with more than 150 primary producers tuning in to hear up-to-date and accurate information from Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister Clare Scriven, SA Chief Veterinary Officer Mary Carr and Livestock SA CEO Travis Tobin.  

Minister Scriven said that Australia has a strong biosecurity system and continues to adapt to shifting global biosecurity threats, to ensure it continues to protect our agricultural industries and way of life.

For more information click here: Foot and mouth disease.

How you can reduce the spread

PIRSA is encouraging livestock owners and producers to maintain sound biosecurity practices to prevent the introduction and spread of FMD. This includes:

  • Only buying animals from properties which have good biosecurity and disease control practices
  • Biosecurity control over people’s access to livestock and equipment
  • Isolation (quarantine) of new animals before introduction into existing herds or flocks
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of livestock pens, buildings, vehicles and equipment
  • Monitoring and reporting of illness
  • Appropriate disposal of manure and animals that have died from disease.

Australia’s Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN) contains the nationally agreed approach for the response to an outbreak of FMD.

SA’s One Biosecurity Program provides SA producers access to an online farm enterprise biosecurity plan that is ranked against industry standards through a star rating system.

For more information about FMD you can also visit our Food Safety Toolbox.