Dairysafe continues to build from the outcomes from the first three years of its 2021-2024 Strategic Directions as the dairy landscape continues to evolve.

“Our mission remains to lead the South Australian dairy community to embrace a food safety culture, which is critical to your brand and to South Australia’s reputation as a producer of premium dairy products,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“Our focus is to keep consumers safe by leading, connecting, inspiring and building confidence within the dairy industry. Efforts are concentrated on creating a more knowledgeable and interconnected industry through technology, data, engagement, innovation, fit-for-purpose and risk-based regulation, building relationships, and thoughtful leadership.

“The need to be innovative and use the best available technology is now more important than ever to maintain our focus on being leaders in dairy food safety. Our vision is for consumers to have confidence in the dairy industry, and our strategic priorities support that vision.”

Dairysafe’s Year 3 Progress Report includes the organisation’s five strategic priorities, and measures of success attached to each. Some of the key outcomes include:

  • Businesses with a strong Food Safety Culture are being recognised.
  • Audits are adding value to dairy business’s food safety outcomes.
  • Duplication of regulatory audits has been removed.
  • Dairysafe is undertaking export audits, which provides efficiencies for industry.
  • Notifiable incidents are being well managed with no adverse outcomes.
  • Dairysafe’s engagement with dairy businesses via our website, e-news, industry forums, bulletins, email and webinars is valued by industry.
  • Stakeholders value the Dairysafe partnership.
  • Learning development pathways continue to be developed.
  • Dairysafe is a reliable source of advice.
  • Dairysafe’s activities are aligned with industry risk and performance.

Dairysafe has commenced planning for the 2025-2028 Strategic Plan, with the process to include considerable consultation with industry and stakeholders.

Dairysafe will communicate with all SA dairy businesses around the middle of 2024 seeking their input and feedback for the 2025-2028 Strategic Plan.