We are excited to share that Her Excellency the Governor has re-appointed Roseanne Healy, Michael Connor, and George Kamencak to the Dairysafe Board. Roseanne Healy will continue to serve as the Chair of the Board.

Dairysafe is currently in the middle of its 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. The Board reappointments will enable continued momentum with promoting a food safety culture in the South Australian dairy community.

“These appointments also ensure that there is continuity in Board membership and governance, which is important for regulatory progress and stakeholder engagement,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“These appointments play a critical role in ensuring that Dairysafe has the necessary skill set across leadership, corporate governance, strategy, dairy industry, technical expertise, compliance, and regulation.”

Roseanne Healy (Chair), Michael Connor (Board member), George Kamencak (Board member).