The 2021 Dairy Australia Milk Quality Award winners were announced late last year, recognising farms across Australia with an annual average bulk milk cell count (BMCC) in the lowest 5%.

Congratulations to South Australia’s silver winners:

  • B.M. Fiebig (second year running)
  • D.J. & T.A. Fiebig (first time recipient)
  • D.O. & K.M. Hunter (five times silver winner)
  • Lallawa Grazing Co (six times silver winner)

The awards showcase dairy farmers in the top 100 (gold winners) and top five per cent (silver winners) nationwide for milk quality, based on BMCC.

Dairy Australia said it was clear that Aussie farmers were continuing to deliver high-quality milk and safeguarding the health of their animals.

A focus on low BMCC helps increase milk yields and can improve the milk income received by farmers.

Most processing companies pay a premium for milk with a BMCC below 250,000 cells/ml and Dairy Australia analysis estimates that a farmer milking 300 cows who lowers their BMCC from 250,000 to 100,000 would be financially better off by about $39,000 per year.