Although there’s plenty of information about dairy food safety spread across a variety of sources, there isn’t a definite guide for dairy producers. In order for industry to be able to effectively achieve minimum food safety requirements, there needs to be better direction on ‘how’ to manage food safety.

With this in mind, Dairysafe commissioned the creation of a comprehensive new document called: ‘Guidelines for the safe manufacture of dairy products’. Written by Dr John Sumner and Dairysafe, the document guides users in the approach to, and management of, food safety by a dairy business.

This document will have at least a 10-year shelf-life and is aimed at providing industry with guidance on hazards and risks associated with the products they manufacture; ways industry can reduce risk to their business and consumers; science-based support to assist development of a Food Safety Plan; and background information to assist industry meeting regulatory and customer requirements for the safe manufacture of dairy products.

We’ve sent the draft guideline to interstate dairy regulators and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve also sent the guideline to all South Australian dairy processors for feedback, and we will follow up with workshops to discuss the guideline and to finalise industry feedback, prior to printing copies for distribution.

If you haven’t seen the draft guideline yet, contact Dairysafe at

Information about the workshops will be provided well in advance. Stay tuned.