Dairysafe, with the help of SADA Fresh funding, is developing a handy free tool for farmers in 2021: a business continuity tool, known as the ‘BCT’.

Business continuity means being able to maintain farm operations and reduce recovery time during business disruption.

“Every farmer experiences business interruptions, like equipment breakdown, unavailability of key staff, or technology failure,” said Geoff Raven, Dairysafe CEO.

“Preparation and contingency arrangements are the key to maintaining continuity, which translates into reduced exposure to continuity breakdown, enhanced resilience, and a greater likelihood of consistently achieving milk quality targets.”

The BCT is a 15 minute ‘snap-on’ evaluation of a farm’s exposure to business disruption. It’s an extension tool that will quickly identify if your business is exposed to continuity breakdown, and direct you to one or more farm business tools, such as ‘Our Farm, Our Plan’.

We are currently working directly with farmers and an industry reference group to help us to design a tool that will deliver real benefit to the farming business,” Geoff said.

“Although the BCT will not predict business disruption, it will show where you are exposed, and identify tools to assist with improving recovery, enhancing resilience, and short and long-term planning.”

Information generated by the tool is presented in a professional report and action plan that prioritises opportunities and assigns responsibilities and resources. You can complete it on your phone or computer and receive immediate results – recommendations can be implemented without delay.

Farmers will be provided with a log-in so they can store their results, update their details and compare the farm’s previous results. The BCT will even send the farmer an email every year as a reminder to self-assess and check progress, helping to transform opportunities into actions.

Development will be guided by farmers, and Dairysafe hopes to have the free tool available by the end of 2021.