Following the successful release of Dairysafe’s Business Continuity Tool for Dairy Processors, Dairysafe has developed a tool for farmers: the Farm Business Continuity Tool (Farm BCT).

A recent survey showed that at least 60% of South Australian dairy farms do not have a formal business continuity plan in place.

Business continuity is the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions, safeguard people and assets, while maintaining continuous farming operations.

100% of South Australian dairy processors agreed the tool would provide value to their processing facilities, and they would encourage their suppliers to complete the tool (2022 Survey).

Under the direction of an industry reference group, and with the support of the SA Dairy Industry Fund, the SA Dairyfarmers Association (SADA), and local dairy farmers, Dairysafe developed the free online tool that acts as a 15 minute ‘Health Check’ for a dairy farming business.

The BCT evaluates exposure to business continuity breakdown (business disruption events) and provides farmers with opportunities for improvement, linking each opportunity with one or more existing on-farm business tools.

Business disruption could be caused by loss of critical infrastructure, unavailability of key staff, equipment breakdown, biosecurity impacts, lack of farm communication and culture, poor financial management and lack of risk management.

The Farm BCT assesses how well a farm enterprise is prepared for such business disruption events through a series of guided questions. Following this, a tailored report is generated to guide a farm enterprise with opportunities on how to minimise exposure to business disruption.

“The Farm BCT provides a pathway for farmers to achieve consistent milk safety and quality outcomes and increase business resilience,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“Business continuity planning can have a positive financial outcome for a farming business as it reduces the potential negative productivity and financial impact that a disruptive event can have.”

When we tested the BCT with farmers, they told us:

  • “The Farm BCT makes me aware of where my business sits, if my practices need improvement, or if they are they sufficient. This is a simple 10-minute task that isn’t onerous.”
  • “The Farm BCT highlights areas that need attention.”
  • “The Farm BCT will drive change.”
  • “The Farm BCT is good for our business and good for our industry.”

The tool is available now for both desktop and mobile users: