Dairysafe is now managing all audits in-house after completing a very successful three year partnership with QCONZ to deliver food safety audits to dairy farms, transporters and processors.

“This is a good news story for South Australia – and will mean greater engagement and transfer of information between Dairysafe and businesses,” said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven.

The new audit arrangements are backed by a new digital accreditation and audit management system. This system is developed specifically to meet Dairysafe’s requirements and includes:

  • Audit management
  • Data synchronisation technology – allowing full access to client details and audit records while in remote and rural areas
  • Migration of existing audit data from the previous iLeader program
  • Safeguards to ensure critical process controls embedded
  • Real-time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
  • External client access to own records via a Dairysafe portal (2nd stage)
  • Ability to submit annual returns online
  • Future capacity for other electronic forms and payment options

“Dairysafe will have the ability to provide each business with their audit report at the time the audit is completed. The new audit format will assign a rating to the performance of a business at audit, applying either A, B or C, against the elements of their food safety arrangement, as well as ratings for the standard of hygiene and construction,” Geoff said.

“Dairy farms will also receive a rating for dairy surrounds. Where a non-conformance is identified businesses will negotiate and agree to the correction of the non-conformance and acknowledge the timeframe for rectification.”

Dairysafe is also developing a User Portal with future capacity for completing accreditation forms online, submitting complaints and incidents, and antibiotic reporting.

Geoff said the contract with QCONZ from 2017 to 2020 was a highly successful partnership which provided significant benefit to the South Australian dairy industry.

“This was the first time Dairysafe had used a contracted third-party audit provider. The high level of skills and knowledge QCONZ brought to the SA dairy industry during this time was reflected in the very positive feedback received from farmers and processors,” Geoff said.

“I’d like to acknowledge the professionalism and fine work completed by the QCONZ team. QCONZ continues to be a world class audit company that develops, implements and assesses animal welfare, environmental and food safety programs for the primary sector in many countries, including delivering audit services to over two-thirds of Australia’s dairy farms.”

Dairysafe plans to maintain an ongoing association with QCONZ for future projects, training and service opportunities.