Audit results across the dairy supply chain have remained consistent compared to both 2022 and 2023, for the January to April period.

Notably, there has been an uptick in the number of audits conducted so far in 2024, rising by 16% from 2023 and 11.5% from 2022, totalling 87 audits across dairy farms, transport and processing.

Within this scope, two major non-conformances were identified. Additionally, Dairysafe has investigated 11 incidents involving notifiable contaminants during this period.

Between 1 January and 11 April 2024, 78 farm audits were completed, resulting in the identification of one major non-conformance related to construction. These findings reinforce the continued assurance of South Australian dairy farms in maintaining exceptional milk safety and quality standards.

The dairy industry, akin to other sectors, is grappling with personnel shortages and recruitment issues. Dairysafe remains in close contact with dairy manufacturers to ensure the preservation of process controls and food safety standards amidst resourcing constraints.

Processor audits conducted during the same period totalled 14, revealing one major non-conformance concerning hygiene. Additionally, four compliance audits were carried out to assess the effectiveness of corrective and preventative actions following non-conformances identified in late 2023.

Regarding export audits, the first round of biannual food safety audits for the 14 export-registered dairy processors commenced in January.

Overall, South Australian dairy food safety standards are commendably high, with no reported instances of pathogens in dairy products at the retail level, no presence of antibiotic residue in finished dairy goods, and no critical non-conformances identified.

Addressing trends in notifiable contaminant data, several proactive measures have been initiated:

  • An article on managing antibiotic residues features in this May e-news issue.
  • Notifiable contaminants continue to be managed under Dairysafe’s Risk Assessment Framework.
  • Commencing 1 July 2024, dairy processor training on the three primary notifiable contaminants will be available for dairy processors.