Dairysafe has a focus on continuous improvement and providing value to industry. We’ve had a good look at one aspect of our work – food safety audits – and we think some changes are needed.

We want to deliver better information to industry through the audit reports you receive.

We think the reports should show farmers, transporter companies and processors what they’re doing well, as well as any non-conformance areas that require action.

And we’re considering including an audit score, so farmers and processors know how their standards stack up, and where they sit amongst the rest of the industry.

We sent our Dairysafe auditors, Fiona Little and Craig Heard, to New Zealand to review their dairy audit standards and arrangements and to consider how to get the most out of our audit program in South Australia. We’ve also had a look locally and interstate at how other sectors deliver food safety audits.

While we’re considering any changes, we’ll also ask farmers, company field officers and processors what will provide better value to them in terms of audit outcomes. 

If you have any ideas about this, please contact our Dairysafe Food Standards and Accreditation Officer Craig on (08) 8223 2277.