As an accredited dairy business, you’ll be aware that the accreditation process requires the completion of an Annual Return. We’re currently preparing these for hard-copy mailing towards the end of May and start of June.

We’ve chosen to mail out hard copies this year to make sure these important documents reach each of our accredited dairy businesses. We’ll include a stamped self-addressed envelope to assist in a simple and prompt return of the completed documents. Alternatively, you can scan and email or fax the completed annual return to us via the contact details provided in the Annual Return pack.

Pre-populated and simplified forms to save you time

We’ve simplified the forms and will pre-populate your annual return with your accredited business details, but we do need to know whether any of this information has changed. You will also need to provide the key contact person for food safety matters, and some other details specific to your business operations.

Have there been any changes to your business details?

We’re seeking confirmation of the critical information that relates to your dairy accreditation. The majority of this we already have, but please let us know if there’s been any change by correcting the details on the annual return form.

For dairy farmers we will be seeking specific details such as herd size and processors you supply, and for processors we need to know the range of products you produce. For dairy transport businesses, we need the type and number of transport vehicles.

Your Certificate of Accreditation will now be re-issued every three years

The Dairysafe Board has agreed to re-issuing your Certificate of Accreditation every three years, rather than annually, which will provide some efficiencies, and we’ll also be re-issuing your conditions of accreditation with your new certificate. At the end of three years, we’re aiming to re-issue your certificate at your audit.

Included in our mail out will be an Accreditation Handbook

The Accreditation Handbook contains information on what’s needed to obtain accreditation and operate as an accredited dairy business, where to find additional resources, and details about the legal obligations associated with producing safe dairy products.

Want to know more about the Annual Return process? Contact Dairysafe on (08) 8223 2277 for a chat.