Congratulations to Dairysafe Food Safety Officer Fiona Little, who is celebrating 40 years of service to the South Australian dairy industry.

Fiona was presented with a framed certificate of recognition in a ceremony on 30 March for her service to the Metropolitan Milk Board, the Dairy Authority of South Australia, and Dairysafe.

Fiona graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College in 1978, attaining the Diploma of Applied Science in Agriculture. She commenced with the Milk Board as a Supervisor in 1981 and progressed to District Supervisor (Northern) in 1982.

The Milk Board regulated production, treatment, storage and delivery of milk and cream in the metropolitan milk supply area, and the metropolitan milk distribution area. It also conducted laboratory services, fixed milk prices, controlled and zoned retail vendors, and promoted milk and cream. Supervisors were responsible for farms, processors and vendors.

On 1 July 1993 the Dairy Industry Act 1992 came into effect, repealing the Metropolitan Milk Supply Act 1946 and the Dairy Industry Act 1928, thereby dissolving the Milk Board. The Dairy Authority of South Australia was established to replace the Milk Board and Fiona was employed as Farm Quality Supervisor to oversee company inspection of farms and to inspect unpasteurised milk producers.

“Of significance at the time was the Authority’s role in working with small manufacturers to implement HACCP quality assurance programs. At the same time, the Authority, in conjunction with all other jurisdictions, commenced the Australian Milk Residue Analysis Survey of tanker milk statewide, an important program for market access purposes, which continues today,” said Geoff Raven, CEO of Dairysafe.

“Fiona has provided unparalleled service to the South Australian dairy industry for 40 years in her roles involving quality and food safety regulation. And she ain’t done yet! Congratulations Fiona.”

Fiona is well respected by those in the South Australian dairy industry, particularly dairy farmers, as illustrated by the following testimonial.

“The Kernich Family would like to congratulate you Fiona on 40 dedicated years of service to the Dairy Industry. We are grateful for your patient guidance as we stepped into the unknown and started Jersey Fresh over 16 years ago. You have walked the line between being firm authority and patient guide and our farm and business is better for it,” wrote Erica, Amy, Paula, Lisa and Mark Kernich fromJersey Fresh.

“I’m sure that sometimes you felt like your job description should read ‘counsellor’ and we are grateful for your listening ear and calm words of wisdom.”

Fiona Little (right) with Chair of the Dairysafe Board Roseanne Healy, and Dairysafe Board members Michael Connor and George Kamencak.