Dairysafe has commissioned John Sumner to draft a range of technical documents for South Australian dairy businesses, including:

  1. Managing pathogens in dairy processing facilities; 
  2. Environmental monitoring for dairy processing facilities; 
  3. Microbiological testing of dairy products; 
  4. Managing Listeria monocytogenes in dairy processing facilities; 
  5. Hygienic design guidelines for dairy processing facilities; 
  6. Managing allergens;
  7. Developing a cleaning and sanitising program for dairy processing facilities;
  8. Developing a food safety program for a dairy processing facility; and 
  9. Product labelling requirements for dairy products.

After finalising the technical document set, John will deliver industry workshops on the content of the documents in early 2019.

“We’re undertaking this work after an assessment of available technical information, together with feedback from industry, identified a knowledge and resource gap, said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven. “The Dairysafe auditors also found industry didn’t have access to technical support and there’s a need for clarity on minimum requirements for product and environmental testing and process control, which is currently impacting on a full appreciation of the requirements.”

Look out for further details and an invitation to the workshops in the first quarter of 2019.